Monday, June 15, 2015

Assignment that I am the Most Proud of

When looking back at all the assignments that I have done, I would have chosen the pictures with quotes. The reason that this is the assignment that I am most proud of is because of the process I went through to create this work. I had to take everything I have learned this semester and put it into one piece of work. I had to incorporate my skills of using photoshop to insert the quote that I had chosen to go on to my photo. Before the quote however, I had to look back at the photos I had taken and choose one that I thought would look better with some words on it. The photo that I took of the dog breathing was my number 1 pick. It already had so much emotion in it because of the way the edges were blurred and how much the breath was shown. Also because the photo was put into black and white to make it more powerful and emphasize the sadness in the photo. Next, was the toughest part, choosing a quote that would fit on the photo. I had to make sure it worked with the message and theme I was trying to portray. After choosing it, I had to choose the way the quote was going to be placed and I knew right away that I wanted it to go the way the breath was moving. When I finished the photo I was so happy with it. All the hard work of trying to produce this work paid off. This work helped me with my creative side and my mental side, and using them at the same time to produce one item. Every one should know how to use each side because it is just amazing what you can do with it. 

Most Memorable Experiences

During the semester of photo 1, I had many memorable experiences that have impacted my learning and some that were for laughs. One of my many memorable experiences is when we had to go around the school and find objects that in our minds formed letters. In this assignment we had to learn how to interpret our every day items as letters; knowing how to do that gives us an advantage to others around us. I love to see the world different and more unique than others. I do not want to have a similar mind as the person next to me or in the same room. I want to be that one person who interprets something that was just normal into something that no one had really thought of it like that. This assignment let me do just that. Taking the normal every day basketball or door and putting them into a perspective of an "i". Even when others do not see the things I see in that way, I try and help them to see through my eyes and give them a new perspective. Another memorable experience during my semester of photo 1 would had to have been the final project. The final project was when we looked back on our life and chose the thing that is most important to you in your life and share it to the class. At first I did not know what was the most memorable, I thought it was soccer. When I really thought about it though, it was 100% swimming, there was no way that it was not. When creating my video I got to look back at all the memories I have had with the teams that I have had the great pleasure of being on and getting the opportunity of creating even more memories. That project allowed me to look back on the memories I have and remember to cherish them and to never let them go. Even the little things that you think are not important, may be the most important things in your life; you just have to open your eyes and look for it. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Photos With Quotes

During this assignment I learned many important things when constructing the photos with quotes. I had to learn what colors made it hard for the reader and what color really fit for the picture. The color of the words had to be a color that was in the photo, but it could not be the same color the words were going to be placed on. Also, learning what font did not fit the photo. If the font was really crazy then the photo would have just looked like everything was just thrown on there. You had to know how to contrast the words and photos together. The quote can not be the most important thing of the photo, but the photo can over power or be the most important thing of the photo either. The picture as a whole must be the most important. Another thing that I had to learn when constructing the quotes and photos is learning where to place the words. You can not just plop the photo right on. In the photo of the dog I formed the letters like they were what was being breathed out of the dog just like the smoke. If I had just put the words right on the bottom or in the middle it just would have looked like I had no thought. I put it there to attract the reader to look at that section of the photo, the dog and the smoke. The left side of the photo was just all black so I wanted to focus the reader on the object.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

Negative Image

Positive Image

Pinhole Camera- A camera with a pinhole aperture and no lens.

During the process of creating pinhole images I learned a lot. I learned during the process about the history of the camera to today's camera. Especially how patient you had to be to produce and capture the photo you would like. Before today, the photographer had to place a slip of photographic paper into an enclosed space (tin, box, etc) where no light could get in. Then take that enclosed space and poke a small hole big enough for some light to get in, but no too much. When you actually are taking the picture you have to make sure that you know exactly how much time that photo needs to appear on the paper (it is different for each pinhole camera). If your image at the end, is dark then that means that the photo had a longer exposure (too much light), less time needed. Next time less exposure (less light) is needed for the perfect amount of light. I also learned the many different types of photos that can be produced using the pinhole camera. In the photo above, I used a technique called double exposure. That is when you use the camera on two different spots one right after each other to overlap them both. Also, the fact that the subject had to stay still for longer than normal to make sure the image did not turn out blurry. 

I enjoyed using the pinhole camera. It gave me a more understanding of how we got to today's camera. It also makes me understand how grateful I am because otherwise I could be outside for hours just to produce like five images or so, maybe even less. It was really amazing that I could take a photo with just light and some box at home. The thought of a camera could be made at home is incredible. Even though the process after words was very exhausting. That is because of the waiting and waiting you have to do in each solution the photo has to go through. I would however, would much rather use the DSLR camera's today. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creative Portraits/Self-Portraits

In the above photograph I used the technique of taking unfocused shots. Normally in a photograph you would  have a focused shot of the subject, but in this photo I did the opposite. But instead of just having the person look straight at me and make them blurred, I added in a motion to make the photo more interesting. Otherwise it would have just looked like a bad photo taken because they forgot to focus on the subject. I could have focused on another, less important object in the background, but if I did that then it would have looked like I just photoshopped her in. 

In this photograph I used the technique playing with eye contact. This is when you have the subject look in a different direction then you would normally view it as. Using this technique, I think gives it more character and more of a story. Some questions may pop up to the viewers mind. What is she looking at? What is making her laugh? Also, this is a shot when she was not expecting it, I wanted to capture a moment. One that is not staged, it just is. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Who Am I

I am Amanda Murray. I am the kind of person that every one comes to when they want someones opinion. I am a caring, loving, and spontaneous person. I am always doing something. It could be from cleaning the house to building a house. I never want to stay still, I am always moving. My interests are many. I love to be listening to music, especially outside in the hot sun and lying on the beach. My other hobbies are photography and designing the inside of houses. I love to be moving, so of course I play a sport every season. In the fall and summer I play soccer and in the spring I am running on the track. But once the winter comes I am diving off the blocks in the pool for swimming. Swimming is my favorite sport out of all the ones I play. When I am on that block and taking my mark, it is all about me. No one else can achieve my goals in that water expect me. My coach and team mates are there to support, help, and push me along, but in the end I am the only one that can accomplish. My swim team is family and I would not give anything else up for it. Besides the sports that I do at school, I love to go go-karting, skiing, kayaking and boating. I love the outdoors so when ever I can I am there. My biggest obsession though would have to be cooking and going to the gym to workout. I think it is very important to keep your body in great shape, but you have to eat clean to do it. By the end of my life I hope to accomplish making the people around me happy and enjoying myself. I want to be able to look back and say to myself that I touched someone's life and I made a difference. I want to have a successful career and a family that I can come home to every day. I love helping others around me and being there for them.